Christine Harrell

Greetings! I'm a Human Resources scribe and #HRGamerGirl.


A former early childhood professional and union delegate, I bring my love of learning and passion to help my colleagues thrive to Human Resources. I believe play and games are how we practice life and work lessons, even as adults! Check out my blog and #HRGamerGirl on Twitter for my musings.


Christine is dedicated, smart and very interested in learning new things and systems. I think she is valuable and can bring new ideas to the table.
— Melinda Sabido, Senior Human Resources Manager, Chicago Commons
Christine has represented the First Unitarian Board twice on staff search committees, where her understanding of persons, her commitment to fair process, and her knowledge of the institution’s needs were vital in helping each committee identify strong and appropriate candidates.
— Joan Pederson, President, First Unitarian Church of Chicago
Christine is a person of rock-solid reliability, pragmatic decision-making, clear communication, the drive to get things done, and the courage not to shy away from difficult issues.
— David Schwartz, Pastor, First Unitarian Church of Chicago

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