Why did you decide to switch careers from teaching to Human Resources?

While working as an educator in Chicago Public Schools, I had a taste of labor relations as a union delegate and did some ad-hoc training of friends and coworkers. I was drawn to the idea of doing more "behind the scenes" work and helping employees thrive. Human Resources encompasses training and employee/labor relations, so when a Human Resources internship opened at Chicago Commons, I jumped at the opportunity.


What do you like most about Human Resources?

So far, even though I am introverted, talking to prospective candidates is one of my favorite parts of HR. I like representing my team at job fairs, performing phone screens and participating in panel interviews. It's inspiring to me to hear other people's professional journeys.


What are you doing to aid in your professional development?

Currently, I am a member of Chicago SHRM and Chicago ATD and try to read articles or go to events sponsored by those organizations. I also attend HR Masterminds, where I network with other HR professionals and help folks solve their real world HR problems. I earned an Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) certificate in December 2017 after ten weeks of self-study. I also follow several HR professionals on Twitter (#HRTribe) and participate in Twitter chats.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I keep my mind and body active in many different ways. I read at least one book per month, rotating between leisure and professional books. I also like dancing, whether playing "Just Dance" on my Nintendo Switch or attending West African dance classes. I volunteer at my church, First Unitarian of Chicago, where I serve on the Board of Trustees and coordinate the Young Adult Group.