RPG at work: Workplace survival kit


One of the traits of virtually all RPGs (role playing games) is that you get to stockpile a limited number of items for your survival. These can include tools, weapons, health items and magic potions. A challenge, especially early on when your storage is limited, is figuring out what is most necessary and what needs to be tossed.

So because I've been reflecting on RPGs this week, I was inspired to Google "workplace survival kits." Of course, there's a pin for everything on pinterest. I came across this cute idea for a workplace gift



For those who cannot see the image, items  in this Office/Stress survival kit include M&Ms, ibuprofen, gum, stress balls, chamomile tea, cough drops and surface wipes.

I think I'll create my own Office Survival Kits for future coworkers (and myself, frankly), though I may nix the meds, especially Emergen-C, which is not proven to be effective.

Plus, although I am new to HR, giving out meds as gifts sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen...

What would you include in an "Office Survival Kit" for yourself or your colleagues?