Recommended Viewing: EEOC


Prior to studying for the aPHR, I had a general understanding of what "equal opportunity" meant. As an HR professional, though, and especially for the test, I needed a little more than a "general understanding." Here are some videos that helped me commit more info to memory about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):

EEOC Interview Guidelines by Life by Design HR- If you can stand the robotic voices, kinda cheesey dialogue, and the fact that ethnically ambiguous lawyer Karen apparently wears beachwear to meetings (forgive me for stereotyping, but what man created this?), this video gives tips on how to follow EEOC guidelines while screening applicants, particularly those with arrests and convictions.

EEOC: What is the EEOC? by Forensic Notes-A very brief, 1 minute definition of the EEOC.

Equal Opportunity and the Law by Denise Greaves- This 14 minute video, in all honesty, goes into more detail than you'll need to know for the aPHR. But it does point out the major EEO laws. It also elaborates on different forms of discrimination.

What resources about EEOC do you recommend?