#ZeldaWeeks: Top 5 work lessons from Zelda


This week marks the second week of Nintendo Collection's #ZeldaWeeks. To celebrate, here is my list of workplace lessons I learned from the Zelda franchise:


1) Keep your supplies well stocked. PS Thank you administrative assistants!



2) Enlist help when necessary.



3) Don't take on big tasks when your health is low.

Art by Faktori

Art by Faktori


4) Dress appropriately for the tasks you must complete.

Deviant Art by  asticou

Deviant Art by asticou


5) Talk to everyone in the village. You never know who will have useful information for you down the line.



For more of my Zelda musings, check out my post, "Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Racing through the to-do list." Happy 3ZeldaWeeks! Please share your favorite Zelda games below.