Recommended Reading: Recruitment


Recruitment has been a hot topic in my HR newsfeed lately. Here are some helpful articles and blog posts about recruitment strategies:

"Oftentimes hiring authorities act as if they are doing someone a favor by granting them the privilege of an interview."Why You are Losing Candidates by FPC National

"Skills can be developed through training. But a candidate either fits with your workplace culture or they don’t." -7 Tips for Hiring and All-Star Employee by Social Hire. 

"The best thing you can to do keep recruiting creative is to never be satisfied with the current method."- 5 Proven Strategies to Increase Candidate Flow by Social Hire

"The whole world is a small place these days when it comes to a bad reputation."Behind the Scenes with Stunning Candidates by Social Hire

"Regardless of the situation, they were a valued member of your staff and a quality employee that left. And now they’re looking to come back."-Should You Rehire Former Employees? by Apollo Answering Service