The best resources for career changers


Changing jobs is hard, but changing careers is even harder. I know, I am in the middle of it. But in my transition from education to human resources, I consulted several sources to help me figure out who I am now and where I want my professional journey to go next. Here's what worked for me:

What Color is Your Parachute?- This is the definitive book for anyone figuring out what to do with their life. This book requires you to do a lot of inner work, but it's the best place to start. If you only buy one book for your career change, buy this one. BTW, you can also just check out an older edition from the library and it will work fine.

Strengths Finder- As self-aware as I think I am, I actually have difficulty naming my top 3 strengths. I am not always sure which ones to highlight in job interviews or at networking events. I feel like this is a question you should ask my friends or former coworkers! This assessment helped me narrow it down and also revealed strengths I didn't realize I had (such as "relator").

"The best jobs for every personality type"- If you know your Myers-Briggs, there are many websites that can give you recommended jobs based on your personality type. I just like the way Business Insider laid their page out. It also provides more than one recommendation for each type. Note that many people consider Myers-Briggs not much more accurate than astrology, though. I think of it as a tool, not a rule. For example, I am INTJ, but I have zero interest in becoming a financial advisor, one of the recommended jobs for my personality type.  If you're just browsing for potential career paths to pursue, it's worth checking out. 

Life After Teaching- If you're changing careers from education, you have to bookmark this blog and follow Sarah Greesonbach on twitter. Lots of tips as well as testimonials from former teachers who successfully transitioned into another career. This site will also help you see what transferable you actually have (and believe me, you have many).

Did you ever change careers? What resources do you recommend?