#Pride Recommended Viewing: How to be a trans ally


To wrap up my #Pride posts, I am focusing on the trans community. Although transgender folks are the "T" in LGBTQIA+, their needs are often forgotten (or ignored, frankly) in discussions of diversity and inclusion. These videos give some tips and insight about the trans community, especially regarding the workplace:

"Am I stil going to have a job?" by CBC News - An intro to some of the issues trans people face when they come out at work.

Transgender Employees by McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC - Although based in Pennsylvania, this law firm also gives an intro to federal employment laws and how they may apply to transgender employees.

5 Tips for Trans Allies by Alayna June - Not specific to employment, but Alayna offers some useful general tips for trans allies.

How do you ensure the transgender folks feel included and that their rights are respected at your organization?