#SHRM18: Games for killing time at cons


#SHRM18 is coming! I am going for two-ish days. The joy of being the host city is I don't have to take time off work to go. I can just go on the weekend.

Now, I have never been to a SHRM con, but as a veteran of other cons, I know a few tips. Drink water. Pack snacks. Wear comfortable shoes.

However, although I anticipate bunches of networking, I am sure there will be times here and there where I'll be idle, or waiting in line for something, or just need a break from talking to people because I am an introvert. So I now I try to bring my Nintendo Switch to keep me busy during idle times. Here are my top games to play while waiting around. Download these to keep you busy when you have 10-20 minutes:

1) Tetris

2) Puyo Puyo (also comes with Tetris)

3) Pac Man

4) Mario Kart 8

5) Pokemon Go (okay not a Switch game, but FYI #SHRM18 attendees, there are poke stops in McCormick Place)

What are some games you like to play to pass the time?