Recommended Reading: How to welcome new hires


I recently started a new job (Huzzah!), so onboarding has been on my mind lately. I think my organization did a good job for the most part, better than some other places I've worked for. In fact, my job actually did some of the recommendations in the following articles. Check these out for ideas on how to onboard new hires:

3 ways to make a new coworker feel like part of the team by Jane Burnett - The headline is pretty straightforward. I will say that my current gig did all three of these for me, so I can vouch that these are good ideas.

Beyond the dotted line... by Christina Lai - Lai works for HR at, and describes their thorough onboarding process. At canva, onboarding starts one month before the new hire's first day and lasts six months. Check out the article for more detail, especially if you have no idea how to set up onboarding. Keep in mind that canva is a tech company, though, so some tips may not be applicable for your industry.

To Retain New Hires, Make Sure You Meet with Them in Their First Week by Dawn Klinghoffer,  Candice Young and Xue Liu- It's really all about the little things with new hires. A one-on-one meeting with your manager in the first week also makes a difference statistically. My current organization scheduled a one-on-one between my manager and me during my first week. I met one-on-one with everyone on my team, in fact. Highly recommend this strategy.

What are some onboarding strategies that you recommend?