"Street Fighter" or "Why we need age diversity"


Did you know Nintendo Switch has a new version of Street Fighter? I played it against a teenager at a Switch event last summer.

Sadly, he chose my favorite character, Chun Li. I chose Zangief (I think...it doesn't really matter, it wasn't Chun Li). Because I was not used to Zangief, the teenager defeated me handily in Round One. 

One of Chun Li's special attacks is the Hyakuretsukyaku. I realized in Round Two that this was the only move my opponent knew...

Though I lost Round One, I ultimately won 2/3 rounds against the youngin'. After I defeated the teenager, I bestowed upon him my words of wisdom: "You need more than one attack to win." 

A healthy, thriving workplace needs new and experienced professionals. Greenhorns have energy, an eagerness to learn, a fresh perspective and new ideas. They might even know a "Hyakuretsukyaku" strategy. However, older employees can provide guidance. They've played these rounds already, and might know all the "special attacks."

What was a workplace problem you encountered that had multiple possible solutions? Share below.