"Mario Kart" or "When newbies teach the veterans"


If you challenge me to a game of Mario Kart, you will lose. OK if you're a world champion, you'll probably win. But if you're just a regular plebeian gamer, I will win.

So when I found out that my mini cousin's favorite game was Mario Kart 8, of course I had to challenge him. I don't believe in letting children win all the time. After all, how are they going to improve if I always let them win?

Of course, I ultimately creamed my nine year old cousin, though there were a couple rounds where he placed higher than me. While I am a pretty good player overall, I don't know all the course's shortcuts. However, my mini cousin does. It's why he beat me twice.

In my previous post, I said we need age diversity in the workplace. The long-timers have so much wisdom to offer. However, the newbies also can teach the veterans.

For instance, I remember long ago teaching an older professional how to copy and paste. They were in awe. It was such an easy, quick task for me. I didn't realize that it was a skill some older folks didn't have. The next generation of workers, the ones just below millennials, are even more tech-savvy.

So never underestimate the employee fresh out of undergrad (or high school). They might have an idea or two that will make everyone's day run more efficiently.

What's something you learned from a junior employee? Share below!