5 reasons why I love Kirby


As I previously mentioned, Kirby's Dream Land was the first and only game I completed in one day. So this little blob holds a special place in my heart. In honor of his 26th birthday, here are five reasons why I love Kirby:

1) Kirby's super cute- Round squishy body. The ideal shape for a plushie. Do I really need four other reasons? Fine. Let's continue.

2) Everything about the games are super cute- I still smile a bit when I hear the music to the opening theme and Green Greens. Even the enemies are adorable. It's just pleasant to play.

3) Kirby's main power is quite sinister- Kirby gets special attacks by swallowing his enemies and absorbing their powers. That's right. He steals your power and uses it against you.

4) He flies- Whenever some meme or social media chain letter asks what superpower you would have, I pick flight. In fact, whenever I have a lucid dream, I make myself fly. I can live out my flight fantasies through Kirby.

5) The game is easy to learn- Masahiro Sakurai deliberately made Kirby's Dreamland simple. Although I enjoy complex, strategic games once in a while, honestly, my favorite games are ones where anyone can jump in right away.  You don't need to memorize combinations like in Street Fighter (unless you are playing Kirby in Smash Bros of course). There aren't tons of mazes or puzzles to figure out (at least not in Kirby's Dream Land). You fly, absorb, and spit at enemies. That's it.

Despite my love for Kirby, I have only played vintage Kirby: Dream Land and Kirby's Adventure. Which do you recommend I play next?

Art by Cylika