You might be Kirby if...


Happy birthday Kirby! Kirby's Dream Land was released on this day in 1992.

Is there anyone in your workplace who is actually a Kirby? Here are some characteristics...

1) A perpetual pinkish complexion, whether it's freckles or a sunburn.

2) Takes credit for other people's ideas.

3) Similarly, a bit of a copycat, whether it's hairstyles, powerpoint templates or copying your sweet moves at the Christmas Party.

4) Generally cheerful, but turns into a ball of fury when the boss criticizes them. Might break out in flames.

5) Always has something in their mouth.

6) Not discrete when spitting out said contents of their mouth...

7) The epitome of innocence, never getting the humor in jokes exchanged by the water cooler.

Anything to add? What else makes someone a Kirby?