Recommended Reading: How to build a Twitter presence


Even though I am new to HR, I know from my previous career that networking with other experts is key to my growth. So I am using Twitter to expand my HR Tribe.

Yes I am also using LinkedIn, but my focus there is more local.

Anyway, building a presence is challenging for me because marketing and networking are not my strengths. Research, though, is. Recently, I googled some sources on how to build a social media presence. On March 25, 2018, I started implementing some of the tips. I had 10,875 organic impressions that week. The prior week, I had 4,773 impressions.

That's more than double the impressions!

Check these out and hopefully they will help you expand your Twitter following:

Nine Twitter Automation Tools That Save You a Ton of Time Without Sounding Like a Robot by @dreckbaerfrau

How to Automate Your Tweets: 3 Useful Twitter Apps by  @smexaminer

Hashtagify (ok, not an article, but you should check this site out to find popular hashtags and influencers)

How did you grow your Twitter following? Share below!